Wednesday, 28 March 2012

midnight thought

Hey. Before I lap into the dark and dream about my knight in shining armour, I want to tell you all that I have finally decided to switch gears and seek a new life. Yes, it was difficult, but I finally decided to embrace a new life, a life which will, hopefully, be good.

I miss my old friends, friends with whom I have fought, I miss them every single day of my life and I can only hope that everything resolves and we become 'dost' again. You know, it is very important to have loved ones by your side. Solitude is good but solitude, if endured for a long time, can be cancerous. Currently, I'm undergoing a phase where I am alone and if this continues for long, I might succumb to, what we say, depression and insanity.  

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


You know you love him, you know you will always love him but somewhere deep inside, you fear that he doesn’t love you. That is when, my dear friend, you have to make a difficult choice of letting him go, of making your self realise that life has to move on, that he is not the one for you. It is indeed difficult to avoid him and whenever you meet him, you experience a sense of consternation, which makes it difficult for you to forget him. But, as life has it, you need to move on and seek ecstasy in another form because he was just not meant for you!     

Thursday, 10 November 2011

And the epic silence strikes again

As the title of the blog says, the epic silence strikes again...yet again!! In simple words, I'm fed up of life... And for all the Bigg Boss viewers, I feel I am spaced out....(the legendary term used in the show for Pooja Missra) I've been reading quite a, no, I wont call myself a voracious reader but reading philosophical stuff and came across this thought which said-- 'It's funny how he does nothing, but you continue to fall for him'. I say, why do we fall for somebody when deep inside we know that he only likes you as a friend and nothing more.. When he discussed his umpteen affairs with you, you still get attracted to him.... When will the day comes when he will realise that even he likes you. A very famous poet said, "Pyaar ka phele kadam dosti hain..aur aakhari kadam bhi..bas beech ke kadam reh gaye hain, gadam uthao, rasta khadbakhud nikal jayega". More often than not, people say that such thoughts/dialogues only look good on the silver screen, but a closer look, and you will agree with me when I say that. Sometimes, life is seemingly unfair, why cant you get the person  you want...guess that's why life is sometimes called a BITCH      

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


When I firmly decided to move on, albeit with greater difficulty, the cards turned and I was left numbed. When I decided to forget him, it so happened that at every step of my life, I had to face him. Why does life play such games? Why cant we decide our own fate? Why cant we pen down our destiny? Well, there is no point pondering over such questions whose answers will never change. Why cant the person, whom we love , love us back. This whole concept of one-sided love should not exist!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Its been more than a month and my mind still seeks peace. Thousands of millions of thoughts have been running past my mind but sadly, not one thought gets a satisfying answer. What happens when cupid strikes, what happens when knowingly or unknowingly, you fall in love and what follows is pain, gloom and a world of oblivion. And to state the obvious, you only feel like listening sad songs.      

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Kal ho na ho

All the emotions will soon dry up, all the sentiments will soon graduate to becoming something of a non-nonsensical bizarre discourse. Mind you, before such a stage comes in  your life, acknowledge your inner desires and speak out the unsaid. There are times when life offers you nothing but a dash of helplessness coupled with gloom and when this happens, give life another chance because like it is said, 'Kal Ho Na Ho'.


Wednesday, 24 August 2011


My second blog and I write this at a time when I am reasonably content with the developments in my life. My profession keeps me busy throughout the day and whenever I get time, I pen my thoughts only to vent my pent up emotions. When your work is recognized, you feel humbled and this is what happened today with me. A write-up on Anna Hazare involving a celebrity got published in the newspaper and the celebrity acknowledged the write-up by posting the link to the article on his Twitter account. Well, that's one of those "Sigh" moments in life. Moving on, it will be just not fair on my part to not talk about Anna Hazare and his anti-corruption campaign which is keeping everyone busy. Personally, I feel that Anna Hazare campaign is something of a black and white issue because one, I feel that Anna's wise attempt to eradicate the cancer called corruption, which sadly has percolated down to every vein of the nation, is commendable but his vision is far-fetched because it is impossible to do away with the C word. Many may question me for writing this but practically speaking, the endemic corruption has become a cultural imperative now and to produce a bill to counter that is rubbish.

PS: Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine